Ten kilometres of the Little Drau

Romantikhotel Traube

White water, slow-flowing stretches with hidden away quiet pools the Little Drau has it all, along this 10 kilometre stretch of water you will find the holy grail of fly fishing, paradise, we think so and we are sure you will to!

As the picture right shows this a beautiful place to be, clean air, clean water and breathtaking scenery, that's the Little Drau

Fly fishing on the Little DrauThe Romantikhotel Traube has ten kilometres of excellent fly water on this river, within 15 minutes drive. This is a white water stream, though along its 20 yard wide reaches, you can find many quiet pools and slow flowing stretches.

Little Drau contains rainbows and brook trout, char and grayling. The hotel's owner, Günther Wimmer, an ardent fly fisher with a fantastic local knowledge, will assist his guest with a choice beat to suit your fishing needs. Using wet and dry flies, nymphs or streamers, there will be quality sport with the chance of a two pound fish. Incidentally, should you want to eat your catch, take it to the hotel kitchen for a superbly prepared meal.