Villgraten & Winkeltal Brook

Villgraten & Winkeltal Brook for great fly fishing

Walking and fishing in the Villgraten Valley is a beautiful experience, peaceful and tranquil you will really loose yourself here. Said to be the best Alpine Valley in Austria, well that is saying something as Austria is crammed fully of beauty.

Fly fishing on Villgraten & Winkeltal BrookCastle Heinfels, once owned by the Earls of Görz, guards the entrance to the Villgraten valley which is said to be one of Austria's most marvellous Alpine valleys. Fishing in the capital clear waters of the Villgraten Brook (11), this is fifteen kilometres of some of Austria's finest! Reaching from Inner to Außervillgraten.

The Winkeltal Brook (12), 8 kilometres of fishing is only available to a small number of anglers - one of them could be you! The courses and brooks pass Alpine pastures and small hovels inviting anglers to linger and to gain vitality for everyday-life. These brooks are appreciated by beginners as well as experienced fisherman alike.