The Greater Drau

Fly Fishing on The Greater Drau

The river Drau widens and the scenery just gets more spectacular, famed for its grayling the Drau is teeming with fish, there is also a chance of one of the rare Huchen or Danube Salmon which can grow as big as fifty pounds in this part of Austria.

As the picture right shows this a beautiful place to be, clean air, clean water and breathtaking scenery, that's the River Drau

Fly fishing on The Greater DrauThe Drau, downstream from Isel Junction
A five kilometre stretch of the larger Drau, down stream from the joining with the Isel River has excellent brook and rainbow trout, though its reputation is for the grayling. Here you also find the rare Huchen or Danube Salmon growing to a size of 50lbs!

At Nikolsdorf on the Greater Drau a 3 kilometre stretch is reserved for fly fisherman, near Lienz an area of 5 kilometres is open to all methods of fair fishing.