The streams - wild and beautiful

Fly fishing in Austria Zone 5

From deep gorges, wild streams and brooks this part of Eastern Tyrol like the area as a whole offers the fly fisherman terrific sport and breathtaking scenery.

Just look at the picture to the right, is this a heaven on earth for the roving fly angler?

Fly fishing in AustriaOnly a few minutes walk from the Nationalpark-Hotel Taurerwirt we find the first fishing water, a tumbling stream flowing down from the gorge. There are lovely pools in this stream. Downstream from the hotel is a streamy, ideal dry fly water. Below this stretch is the unbridled wilderness of the Kalser Brook, as the stream rushes over rounded, bleached boulders to the valley below. Fly only is the rule on the brook, containing brown and rainbow trout. Together with the Dorfer Brook fishery, there are 15 kilometres of excellent fishing water. Below the Waldeim down to the vicinity of the Schleier Waterfall in Staniska, the Kalser Brook is readily walk-able.

Below the road bridge is a deep, inaccessible gorge, un-fishable but adding to the spectacle of this wild and beautiful part of Eastern Tyrol. Fishing resumes just before the junction of the Kalser Brook with Isel at Peischlach, where grayling will figure in the catch. This length of the Kalser Brook is wild and breath takingly beautiful, a superb backdrop to the high-country fishing.