The Dorfer Valley - for all seasons

Walking and fishing in the Dorfer Valley is a beautiful experience, peaceful and tranquil you will really loose yourself here.

The Dorfer Valley - for all seasons in AustriaThe Dorfer Valley
Here mountain peaks are still covered with snow of winter's past. High above, small streams are born to plummet 100 metres to the valley floor. Far up the valley lies the Kalser Tauernhaus, a mountain cabin 1755 metres above sea level. Here, the brook has particularly good fishing for wild, highland trout of excellent weights! Here the dominant species are brown trout and chars. At the end of the valley you will find the idyllically situated Dorfer lake pictured below.

Angling - even in mid summer
Upstream from the joining of the Laperwitz and Dorfer Brooks, are quality fishing waters, about a kilometre long - the 'See Brook', which is fishable throughout the season, even in the months of July and August. The water here comes from the Dorfer Lake, via underground springs, and can never be muddied by glacial meltwater. The Dorfer Brook is only a few metres wide over most of its length. Most pools are in the order of 1.5 metres deep. Those anglers that do not wish to undertake the 1.5 hours walk in the Dorfer Valley can be taken by mini bus, return times pre-arranged to suit both angler and owner of our hotel. Indeed, the families of anglers can arrange picnic trips to the Dorfer Valley or up to the inn... just talk to Peter Rogl.