Austria - Osttirol the fishing!
Austria - Osttirol the fishing!
1 - 2 Little Drau River 7 - 8 - 9 Matrei Eastern Tyrol
3 - 4 The Greater Drau 10 Upper Schwarzach
5 Wild Streams 11 Villgraten Brook
6 The Dorfer Valley 12 Winkeltal Brook
Numbers 1 to 12 show the private beats controlled by our Hotels use the links below to take a closer look.

Alternative fishing beats
Working in harmony, our accommodations provide widely varying but excellent quality Alpine angling. The major advantage of this cooperation is, should the fishing water at one location become poor due to weather, too much glacial meltwater, etc, our guest can transfer to one of the other member accommodations, to fish in their water. No angler need waste holiday time waiting for water conditions to come right!

Fly fishing in Eastern Tyrol
Stark, remote Tyrolean mountainsides. Melting snow and ice constantly dripping, the beginning of trickling streams that splash and run over rock and boulder. The gradient eases, streams widen into sparkling pools.... the beginning of our sport, trout fly fishing.

Austria is indeed a fortunate land having many landscapes, glaciers, lakes, rivers and streams dominate the Eastern Tyrol (Osttirol), a hidden and often forgotten area of Austria lying between the Alps and Dolomite mountains. A place of winter snow and glacial ice... ideal conditions have been created, by nature, for the provision of constant water supply to the streams and rivers that abound. And, this pure, cold water is the secret of Tyrol's trout and char fishing!

Our holiday venues
Kings Angling Holidays have joined with four hotels and two guest-houses, in Eastern Tyrol region, to bring superb holiday destinations to the fly fisherman and his family. The Romantikhotel Traube and Hotel Sonne at Lienz, the National-Hotel Taurerwirt in Kals am Großglocker, the Hotel Rauter in Matrei, the Pension Bruggenwirt at St. Veit i. Defereggen and the Gasthof/Pension Niederbruggerhof in the Villgraten valley, have the quality of establishment care that will cater for the most discerning traveling angler.

Keeping and returning
Keeping your catch is permitted in all waters controlled by our hotels. Each hotel sets its own limit as to number and size.
Good angling ethics are desirable, returning the smaller specimens to the water is good sportsmanship and we would suggest the use of barbless hooks.