Fishing with Kalum River Lodge, British Columbia, Canada Kalum River Lodge is a premier fishing holiday destination. Fish the world famous Skeena region for Steelhead and all five species of Pacific Salmon: King, Coho, Sockeye, Pink and Chum.

If you are looking for memorable fishing holiday we can help you make it a reality. Located near Terrace in British Columbia, Canada, Kalum River Lodge offers a quiet riverside setting and personalised service. Anglers are transported by jet boat, raft or drift boat to some of the finest fishing in the world. The Skeena river system offers a variety of water for different levels of anglers. As well as the Skeena we also fish the Nass River and Kitimat river systems. Fly fishing holidays can also be arranged on smaller coastal streams.

Skeena River Steelhead Fly fishing for Steelhead on the Skeena is considered by many to be the best Steelhead fishing in the world. The Skeena watershed holds the world record for both Steelhead on the fly and with conventional tackle. Fly fisherman the world over have come to the Skeena to test their skills against these magnificent fish.

As well as having the worlds largest run of wild Steelhead the Skeena also holds two world records for King Salmon. The Skeena and tributaries are wild free flowing rivers providing anglers with unique fishing opportunities.

Wiith Kalum River Lodge fishing guideOur fishing lodge fly fisherman have landed three King salmon over 60lb in past seasons. One lucky fishing lodge fisherman landed a Steelhead estimated at 30lb during the 2009 season. Every season Steelhead over 20lbs are landed. Spey casting is becoming more popular in the Northwest as fly fishermen learn the benefits of fishing this method and manufactures continue to improve their fly lines.

The fishing guides from Kalum River Lodge are all long time local anglers with a wealth of knowledge on the techniques and tactics to give you the best fishing experience possible. From the novice fly fisherman through to the experts our guides will show you proven methods to improve your catch. From catching Steelhead, Salmon and still water fishing for trout our guides will do their best to maximize your success.

Fly fishing for Steelhead in British Columbia, CanadaFor either Spey casting or single handed fly fishers we offer a variety of waters that will meet your fishing needs. The Skeena region offers diversity as well as a long season that starts in early spring and carries through to late fall. For anglers wanting to learn new methods and try different equipment we can provide this so you may learn what best suits your style of fishing. For all freshwater fishing in British Columbia catch and release is the rule for wild Steelhead, Salmon are not restricted on the same basis. We will preserve your catch and make arrangements for you to enjoy it when you return home. Skeena river fishing is something you will never forget, so take your camera with you.

Kalum River Lodge, British Columbia, CanadaAccommodation

Kalum River Lodge provides spectacular mountain views and private access to the river. The Lodge is located only 10 minutes by boat from the famous Skeena River. The Lodge provides accommodation for up to eight guests in both private and twin rooms. There also is a private guest house available upon request. A large deck overlooking lawns and gardens in an old growth forest makes this a truly unique setting. After a full day of fishing Terrace's world class waters, you will enjoy the personalised service Kalum River Lodge has to offer.

Our holidays are tailor-made
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What's included:
Airport transfers to and from Terrace Airport
Accommodation and all meals as indicated on itinerary
Fully guided day fishing trips

What's excluded:
Holiday Insurance
Car Hire
Fishing Licences
Alcoholic beverages
Personal items & Gratuities

Fishing in British ColumbiaFishing in British Columbia, Canada

Clear water, fresh air, beautiful mountains and abundant wildlife make this a nature lover’s paradise. British Columbia has rugged mountains with alpine meadows and large tracts of forest that support bighorn sheep, mountain goats and a host of other fascinating wild creatures including black bears, grizzlies, moose, elk, caribou, bison, deer, wolves and more. The rivers support huge runs of salmon, Steelhead and trout. Eagles, ospreys and bears may be seen in great numbers feasting on migrating salmon. British Columbia has a variety of climates. From coastal rain forests to semi-arid regions, such as the Fraser Canyon area, give visitors a tremendous variety. British Columbia is an opportunity to see nature as it was and should be in an un-crowded unspoiled setting.

The Skeena River flows through Northwestern British Columbia emptying into the ocean near Prince Rupert. Not only is the Skeena a great river for anglers, but also is rich with history of the native settlements that traditionally relied on it's abundance of salmon. The Skeena system has over 15 tributaries that offer incredible fishing. A record 99 lb Chinook was caught in the Skeena as well as the world record Steelhead. All five species of Pacific salmon migrate up the Skeena as well as one of the world’s largest runs of wild Steelhead. The Skeena system is surrounded by the coastal mountains and forests. These areas are abundant in wildlife many relying on the rivers for a source of food.

Fly fishing in British Columbia, CanadaFly Fishing

The Skeena River is considered one of the world’s finest sports fisheries. Located in Northwestern British Columbia the Skeena host all five species of Pacific Salmon as well as the worlds largest run of Wild Steelhead. The Skeena holds several world records for both Salmon and Steelhead. As well as the Skeena we fish the Nass and Kitimat watersheds. Kalum River Lodge is located in the heart of the fishing area with all our rivers easily accessible for day trips.

The fishing season begins in April and finishes in early November. Spring runoff brings fresh runs of Steelhead into many of our northern rivers. Spring Steelhead average 10-14lb with the occasional fish over 20lb. July brings the big King Salmon the largest of the Salmon species. By mid July Sockeye and Pink Salmon are starting to arrive in large numbers. Early August the Skeena has all 5 species of Salmon and Steelhead. The Steelhead migrate up the Skeena in large numbers until mid September. With fish on record over 30lb any angler has the chance of catching a fish of a lifetime. From early September the tributaries are filling up with Coho (Silvers) and Steelhead providing excellent fishing as well as incredible wilderness scenery.

One of the preferred methods for fly fishing the North West is Spey casting. Single handed rods will work as well, for those that prefer to use them. A 9 weight rod is well suited for most of the fishing you will do. We use both sinking and floating lines depending on the waters we are fishing. Floating lines can be fished with long leaders and weighted flies. Sinking lines such as teeny 200-400 will cover most water you will fish. Versa-tip lines are also popular as you only require one spool. Leaders from 12-25 lb depending on the species you are pursuing. You should have a large arbour reel with min 200m of backing. Single barbless hooks are mandatory in this area. A complete list of suggested tackle is provided when a booking is made.

Fish Species:

Season: 1st April to 15th May
1st Aug to 29th Oct
Peak: Sept
Weight: 10lb to 30lb
Average Weight: 14lb
King/Chinook Salmon Season: 20th April to 1st June
15th June to 15th Aug
Peak: May and July
Weight: 10lb to 99lb
Average Weight: 25lb
Big King on the Skeena River British Columbia
Coho/Silver Salmon Season: 1st Aug to 29th Oct
Peak: Sept
Weight: 10lb to 20lb
Average Weight: 14lb
Coho/Silver Salmon
Sockeye/Red Salmon Season: 25th July to 1st Sept
Peak: August
Weight: 4lb to 10lb
Average Weight: 6lb
Sockeye/Red Salmon
Chum Salmon Season: 20th July to 18 Aug
Peak: July and Aug
Weight: 10lb to 30lb
Average Weight: 15lb
Chum Salmon
Pink Salmon Season: 25th July to 18th Sept
Peak: August
Weight: 2lb to 7lb
Average Weight: 5lb
Pink Salmon
Dolly Varden/Trout Season: All year
Weight: 1lb to 10lb
Average Weight: 1-3lb
Dolly Varden/Trout
Our first trips for Steelhead start from mid March and continue until early May. The Kalum is known for some big Steelhead at this time of year. Late April to early May we have both Steelhead and Chinook salmon in the rivers. Early May to the first week of June provides anglers with some excellent Chinook fishing. The record Chinook for the May fishery is 83lb.

Summer Chinook fishing starts mid June and goes until mid August. This is the main run for King salmon and has produced World Record fish over the years. The biggest being over 99lb. By mid July we also have Steelhead, Sockeye, Pink and Chum Salmon starting up the rivers. This gives anglers the opportunity to experience a variety of fisheries and species all in one trip.

Early August to mid-September is a great time for fly fishers on the main stem Skeena. The main run of summer Steelhead migrates at this time in addition to Coho, Sockeye, Pink and Chum Salmon. This is an easy river to wade and fish at this time. It is also a favourable time for water conditions and weather. Last but not least we have our fall Coho and Steelhead fisheries. These are quality fisheries that offer a wilderness experience, breathtaking scenery and quality fishing. At this time there are numerous rivers to see and large numbers of Coho Salmon ready to challenge an angler.

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