Faroe Islands for the best in sea fishing holidays!

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Faroe Islands for the best in sea fishing holidays! The Faroe Islands, situated in the Northern Atlantic between Scotland, Iceland and Norway, offers the angler the fishing holiday of a life time!  Specimen sea fish are almost the norm around these parts.  If you are interested in boat fishing the skippers featured here are well qualified and experienced at putting you in touch with the best fishing the Faroe Islands have to offer!

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VESTMANNA is a town in the Faroe Islands on the west of the island of Streymoy. It was formerly a ferry port, until an undersea tunnel was built from Vágar to Kvívík and Stykkið.  A 'Vestmann' was a "Westman", or Gael in Old Norse. The fishing trip with "Blástein" goes out into Vestmannasund where there are excellent fishing adventures waiting.  All year you may catch halibut, cod, pollock and haddock.
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KLAKSVÍK, is the second largest town of the Faroe Islands and is located on Bordoy, which is one of the northernmost islands.  All year you may catch halibut, cod, pollock and haddock.
The "Dragin" is nothing less than a dream sailing ship, offering a very different Deep Sea Fishing Adventure. 

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TÓRSHAVN, located on the southern Streymoy island, is the smallest capital in the world with only 19,000 inhabitants. The "Heiðrikur", a 20 ton decked boat, makes it possible to take long trips.  Fishing north of the Faroe Islands, as well as west of Vágoy, usually proves very successful. All year you may catch halibut, cod, pollock and two types of haddock.

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VÁGAR, or Vágoy is one of the 18 islands in the archipelago of the Faroe Islands and the most westerly of the large islands. With a size of 178 km², it ranks number three, behind Streymoy and Eysturoy. A road tunnel (Vágatunnilin) measuring 5 km in length and running under the sea now connects Vágar with the two largest islands in the Faroes and therefore the capital Tórshavn.  In the waters west of Vágoy there are excellent chances of catching cod, halibut and other species.

The fishing trip with "Skarvur" takes about eight hours or more, depending on the type of fishing you would like to do. You sail around the cliffs Drangarmir and Tindhólmur while the skipper, who’s a good storyteller, tells you about the names of the places and local stories. You then continue westward to Mykines, and then west of Mykineshólmur, which in the skipper’s opinion, is the best place for catching halibut.

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