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Coarse angling regulations

A 2010 regulation - that will be welcomed by most - is that which prohibits the killing of coarse fish (including eels).

As a summary (with effect from 1st January) - Coarse fish. It is prohibited to kill coarse fish (however, see regulation on pike, below) in the Foyle and Carlingford areas waters.

Eels. It is prohibited to kill eels in the Foyle and Carlingford areas. All such coarse fish and eels caught, must be carefully handled and returned alive and unharmed to the water.

Pike. There is a bag limit of 2 pike weighing 4 kg or less, on any one day. Pike of 4kg or more must be returned unharmed to the water. There is an exception for specimen pike with a bag limit of 1 specimen pike in any one day (a specimen pike in a river is 9 kg or more; a specimen pike in a lake is 13.6 kg or more).

Live bait. Live fish cannot be used as bait in fresh waters in the Foyle and Carlingford areas.



sixgillsixgill shark

Luke Aston 'Clare Dragoon' Angling Column 2009: A Six Gill shark was caught by Joe Waldis from Switzerland on the 16th of June. Joe was on a fishing trip with two other friends on the charter boat the Clare Dragoon and was fishing about five miles north of Loop Head. Measuring in at a staggering length of 3.91 metres (almost 13 feet) and with a girth of 2.28 metres, but it was still a surprise when it tipped the scales at 480 kg or 1056 lbs! From what we can gather it was 160 lbs. off a World record. 16 June 2009


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The Cootehill Championship Fishing Festival takes place in September
For Further Information:  Cootehill Tourism


Deep Sea Fishing in Klaksvík


Fishing with the Komet, Faroe IslandsSuccessful sea fishing with The Komet boat in the Faroe Islands         Kings Angling client, Jim Hendry MBE, fishing in the Faroe Islands

Photos courtesy Kings Angling client Mr J Hendry MBE
(Summer 2008)

Kings Angling client fishing with the "Blástein"

(May 2009)

Fishing with the Blastein boat in the Faroe Islands, May 209Fishing with the Blastein boat in the Faroe Islands, May 2009


Sea fishing with the Blastein boat in the Faroe Islands, May 2009

Kings Angling client with his catch aboard the Blastein, Faroe Islands(August 2008)



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Holidays to NorwayLauklines/Artic Fishing - latest report
Fabulous Fishing with Hemingways Resort
We fish from July through to mid April. The southeast wind (Kusi) blows from mid March to sometime in November and is cooler than the northeast breeze (Kaskazi) which blows the rest of the time. The seas are warmer and calmer during the Kaskazi months.


On the last trip of the season Arctic Fishing Adventures and a Swedish sportfishing group manage to catch this 85kg halibut. The fish came 8 times up to the surface and then swam back down to 80m depth again. After a while struggling and tired arm muscles the catch was a fact :-)

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Latest Fishing Report 2013

September 26th 2013 This year Malcolm Granberry celebrated his 80th birthday and as a birthday present his four sons brought him on a fishing trip to Kalum River Lodge. One of Malcolm's grandsons was able to join them too, so we had the pleasure of hosting three generations of the Granberrys at the lodge. The guys fly fished the Kitimat and Skeena rivers and landed large Coho and Steelhead. We really enjoyed our few days with the guys and it was great to be part of such a special celebration.

September 20th 2013 Over the last week we have had the pleasure of hosting two groups of anglers from the UK. Good fishing friends Tony and Andy joined us for the first time and we hope it won't be the last. Between them they caught Coho and Pink salmon, and Steelhead. On the last day Tony landed two super Coho (top left photo) one of which fed everyone at the lodge that evening! Fishing buddies Big Dave, Little Dave and Robin had a fun week fishing the Skeena and Kalum rivers. They also went on a day's adventure to a remote wilderness river where they hiked into small pools and caught Steelhead, Coho and trout. Thank you all!

September 17th 2013 This time of the season offers the most variety of rivers to fish. Our guests this week, Phil, Chris and Chris from the US, fished the Skeena and remote wilderness rivers for Steelhead and Coho salmon. Here are the guys with some of their fish.

September 13th 2013 "Girls just want to have fun!" and Karen certainly did when she hooked and landed this superb Steelhead from the Skeena river on a fly rod. Karen, a keen fly angler back home in Maryland, came to fish with us for a few days. She also had Coho and Pink salmon. Our other guests at the lodge, four friends from Nova Scotia and the Yukon, enjoyed the sunny weather whilst landing Steelhead and Coho.

September 8th 2013 We have had a great week with a group of fly anglers from the UK. The weather here remains sunny and hot but it didn't stop the guys landing some good Steelhead and Coho.

 September 3rd 2013 The fishing on the Skeena river has been great. With good runs of Steelhead and salmon our guests have been landing some super fish. For the last three days Andrew Rushton has been out fishing with Collins Illich from Dallas, Texas, who organised a family trip with his father, brother and brother-in-law. The guys had a great holiday relaxing on the banks of the Skeena, enjoying the warm weather and fly fishing for Steelhead and salmon. Here are some of the fish they brought to the bank.

 August 31st 2013 We have had a super week with our returning guests, Martin and Andy, from England. They joined us last summer for their first trip to BC and enjoyed it so much they had to come back! They both had some good Coho and Pink salmon, as well as several Steelhead. Andy was top rod for the week after landing a superb Steelhead that topped 25lb. Ted DeJong, our assistant guide, helped Andy hold the fish for the photos. Martin caught the largest Coho of the trip, a fish of around 18lb. They were joined by Nic Jepson who travelled from Norway to fish the Skeena with us. Nic has fished in BC before and matched his largest Steelhead whilst out fishing with Andrew Rushton.


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