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NorwayFishing is an important part of Norwegian outdoor recreation traditions. About half the adult population goes fishing at least once a year. There is cod, coalfish, halibut and mackerel to be caught all along the coast, and salmon, sea trout and red char swim in many rivers. Freshwater lakes and ponds are abundant with pike, perch, eel, trout and char. Salmon fishing in Norway has long and glorious traditions. The first visitors from Britain were the so-called Salmon Lords who arrived in the early 19th century to fish for the big salmon. Members of the British aristocracy enjoyed the magnificent landscape and fished the mighty rivers of Norway’s fjord region and in effect created the basis for tourism in Norway.

Between February and April the Norwegian coast of scene of one of nature's magnificent events.  From the enormous, nutrient-rich grazing areas in the Barents Sea in the north, the arctic cod, Skrei, arrive by the millions. Experience fantastic fishing for really huge cod under the Northern Lights.

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Lauklines Coastal Centre, Kattfjord, NorwayLauklines Coastal Centre is at Kattfjord, south west on Kvaløya, approx. 30 km from Tromsø airport. A trading post in the arctic area with a history rich in traditions, Lauklines has a well-preserved architecture and is orientated to hosting nature-loving vacationers. The centre is beautifully situated down by the water’s edge in Kattfjord, on the Whale Island. Kvaløya (The Whale Island) is a beautiful island, with fjords that scroll in Fishing for halibut in Norwaybetween the mountains. The mountains reach from sea level up to over 1000 metres. The combination of mountains and fjords produce fantastic views that change with light, weather and season.
Lauklines has been linked to fishing for over 100 years. In earlier days it was a place for commercial fisheries to deliver their catches because it is very close to good fishing grounds. Fishing in northern Norway is challenging as you will catch bigger fish than in the south. The location in the Kattfjord and surrounding fjords enables you to fish in various wind directions. The best fishing marks are within 10 to 40 minutes. 
Fishing with Lyngen Havfiske & Tursenter, Lyngen, North NorwayLYNGEN HAVFISKE & TURSENTER, LYNGEN
Lygen Havfiske & Tursenter, Lyngen, North NorwayLyngen Havfiske & Tursenter is located in the north west of the Lyngen Peninsula, which is part of Northern Norway, about 90km from Tromso.
This typical Norwegian fishing town was mainly built up on shrimp fishing which dates back to the 1950's. Here you will find old and long lasting traditions in the field of fishing. Lungstuva is a place where Lyngenfjord and Ullsfjord meet. The crossing of current from these two fjords facilitates rich and diverse fishing opportunities. This spectacular spot, where the fjords meet the open Barents Sea, is a paradise for fishing. During the winter, the inner part of the fjord is frozen which provides great conditions for ice fishing.


Artic Lyngen Sjøcamp in Djupvik in northern Troms, is built on the waterfront with panoramic views of the Lyngen Fjord and the majestic Lyngen Alps. Here you will find snow-capped mountains, deep fjords and lots of fish, the midnight sun and the extremely dazzling northern lights. This is the arctic paradise.


Fur°y Fishing Camp, Fur°yveien, NorwayFURØY FISHING CAMP, FURØYVEIEN

Cod fishing with Fur°y Fishing Camp, NorwayFurøy Fishing Camp overlooks Reisfjordenin in the Troms area of Northern Norway, only 30 minutes drive from Bardufoss airport.  It offers excellent accommodation, scenery and fishing opportunities, and much more.  In recent years, catches have included several cod over 45lbs (one up to 57lb).

Malangen Brygger, Skutvik - Northern NorwayMALANGEN BRYGGER, SKUTVIK

Malangen Brygger, Norway - Fishermen's CottagesMalangen is a new recreational resort located at Skutvik in Malangen, on the shores of the Malangen Fjord on the beautiful and diverse Malangen Peninsula.
Malangen Brygger
is just a 90-minute drive from Tromsø. Malangen Brygger boasts stunning views, forested mountains, sheltered fjords and a range of activities to everyone. You can relax in your luxurious apartment enjoying delightful sea and mountain views, experience the Spa Barbor. There’s a restaurant and bar with ocean views.
A sheltered harbour provides self drive boat hire and skippered fishing is on offer. Malangen Fjord has been described by researchers as a "miniature Barents Sea" as it contains a rich diversity of fish species. The ocean here has big cod, halibut, coalfish and wolf fish. Mountain lakes and streams provide trout and char fishing.
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Sotra Rorbusente,r Glesvaer, NorwaySotra Rorbusenter, south-west on the island of Sotra outside Bergen, about 35 minutes' drive from Bergen or Bergen Airport, Flesland, lies in a picturesque setting in a shallow bay, and is a great spot for fishing.

Fishing the Bodo region in NorwayTUVSJYEN, SALTSTRAUMEN, BODØ REGION

Tuvsjyen, near Bodø, Saltstraumen in Norway,If you want to experience something truly unique you should go to Saltstraumen, just south of Bodø, and the world’s strongest tidal current. It is like a 150 metre wide river that suddenly calms down, turns, and rushes back just as forcefully in the opposite direction. That in itself is a singular experience, but the enormous amount of fish that follow it, is truly amazing. Here, you can catch cod and wolf fish, not to mention the oversized saithe that appear in large shoals.

Andøy Friluftssenter (Andøy Outdoor Centre) Risøyhamn, NorwayANDØY FRILUFTSSENTER, RISØYHAMN

Salmon fishing with Andøy Friluftssenter, Buksnesfjord, Risøyhamn, Norway Andöy Friluftssenter (Andøy Outdoor Centre) is beautifully situated in a large wilderness area, between a fjord and mountains with marshes, forests and slopes full of animal and bird life. You can fish for salmon, trout and other fish in the lakes, rivers and fjord, take part in guided trips in the mountains or pick cloudberries on cultivated land.  The Andøy Outdoor Centre has been built to harmonise with nature and consists of a campsite and well-equipped wheelchair-friendly wilderness cabins. Winning the 'Accessibility Prize for Nordland 1996' and the 'Environment Prize 1997' from the Venstre political party in Nordland and the centre's membership in the 'Norwegian Farm Food' network are its hallmarks of quality.

Hurtigruten VoyagesHURTIGRUTEN VOYAGES  

Hurtigruten is renowned for its comprehensive and adventurous voyages to some of the most beautiful, remote and dramatic coastlines in the world.  Its ships have been an integral part of Norwegian coastal life for generations, with daily departures from Bergen crossing the Arctic Circle to sail deep in the heart of Norway’s spectacular landscape.

Experience the natural, unspoilt beauty of Norway's coastline with an authentic Hurtigruten voyage. Calling at over 30 ports, many not accessible to other ships, taking you closer to the heart of Norway.  

Hurtigruten can take you from the port to port of your choice, and you can even bring your car if you want to combine an angling trip with a most beautiful sea voyage.


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