Fly fishing in Slovenia

Fly fishing in Slovenia

Slovenia is a unique as a fishing destination as it offers a very wide range of fish species to fish for, including wild Brown trout, Brook trout, Rainbow trout, Grayling and Danube salmon. It also has its own unique trout, the famous and mysterious ghost of Soca the Marble trout.

It's a pleasure for our local fishing guides to help you discover the secret jewel known as Slovenian fly fishing! Most of the fishing is located in the North-West part of Slovenia's Julian Alps. The waters are renowned for their sky blue glacial colours, for example the Soca river and its tributaries.

All anglers can find water that suits their fly-fishing abilities and inclinations. If you are new to fly-fishing, you can enjoy learning and improving your fishing abilities on the Sava Bohinjka or Radovna rivers. If you are an expert, you can test your stalking and rivercraft skills on the challenging Soca, Tolminka or Idrijca rivers. Slovenia also offers natural chalk streams on the Krka and Unec, famed for their brown trout and trophy grayling. Species diversity is the name of the game in Slovenia: you can expect to catch brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, brook trout, 'Danube' salmon, or even the elusive and mysterious marble trout -THE trademark of Slovenian fly fishing!

All our holidays are tailormade.  Here we have prepared a suggested 7-day package (5 fishing days), which can be altered to your requirements. It offers a round trip with fishing every day on a different river starting with the less challenging Sava with its tributaries (Radovna, Bistica, Kokra) that runs near lake Bled.  And when you get used to techniques, we change location to the more demanding Soca with its tributaries and will be based in the charming town of Kobarid. Making this a nice circular trip to minimize morning drives and maximize fishing opportunities.

A professional fishing guide will accompany you in Slovenia. He has been an enthusiastic fly fisherman and fly tier for over 15 years. Our guide feels truly privileged to be born and live in Slovenia, a country that can offer so wide a variety of fishing options, from gin clear alpine streams to mysterious chalk streams. Our guide loves them all: from morning hatch; to nymphing during the day; to anticipating the evening hatch.

All our holidays are tailor-made but below is a
Suggested Itinerary for 2014

From £2,750 per person

Ljubljana, SloveniaDAY 1 / LJUBLJANA APT-BLED

Pick up at the Ljubljana airport
Transfer by car or van to Bled
Optional fishing on the way to Bled on Kokra river
Accommodation in a 4* hotel
Sightseeing of Bled (optional)
Dinner at the hotel or nearby restaurant



Fly fishing in Bled, SloveniaDAY 2 & 3 / BLED

Full day fishing near Bled, on Sava, Radovna, Bistrica or Kokra rivers
Dinner on own (Day 2)
Dinner at hotel (Day 3)
Fishing licences: €50 on average per person per day, which are excluded from overall price, due to changeable water conditions


 The river Sava with tributaries (Radovna, Kokra, Bistrica, Sava Bohinjka). The river Sava is the longest alpine river in Slovenia. It starts divided into two forks - the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinjka rivers. The upper part is world-famous for its grayling as well as for large rainbows and good-sized browns. In the winter time, it is ideal for fly fishing for our land-locked Danube salmon.Fly fishing in Bled, Slovenia

 Rainbow trout - Oncorhynchus mykiss
     This is not indigenous to Slovenia or to Europe, being originally from North America. This fish was introduced to our rivers in the past to make fishing more fun, since they are great fighters. Although at first they did not spawn, they have adapted very quickly, and now wiled rainbows can be found pretty much in all rivers in Slovenia.


Morning car/van drive to Soca valley¸. OPTION: car-train ride “through” the Julian Alps.
Fishing in Soca river with its tributaries (Soca, Idrijca, Baca, Tolminka,…)
Accommodation in a 4* hotel
Dinner included at hotel  (Day 4)
Dinner included at hotel (Day 5)
Fishing licences: €60 on average per person per day

Soca Valley, Solvenia


      The Soca is probably the most famous alpine river in Slovenia, and rightly so, with its very different tributaries. Set in breathtaking scenery overlooking the Julian Alps, it is home to the most fascinating and elusive fish species in the world - the marble trout - as well as Adriatic grayling and rainbow trout. 

Marble trout - Salmo trutta marmoratous
      Marble trout is the only indigenous species of trout in the Adriatic (Western) part of the river system in Slovenia. This Soca watershed, which flows into the Adriatic, consists of the river Soca and its tributaries Rižana and Reka. Marble trout originally evolved from the brown trout. Its colouring and marbled pattern changes from river system to river system, so it is possible to find genetically pure marble trout with red dots or splotches.

The marble trout´s diet changes with age: the smaller fish feed on nymphs principally, and sometimes take emergers or dry flies. That changes as they grow bigger and need more energy to sustain their bodyweight. Then they become carnivorous, feeding mostly on other species of fish.
Misguided attempts to improve fish stocks in the past led to the introduction of brown trout into marble trout waters, where they successfully reproduced with marble trout, producing fertile offspring. As a result, pure-bred marble trout nearly became extinct. Thanks to huge efforts by the Fisheries Research Institute and the Tolmin Angling Club, natural and genetically pure marble trout are now again the dominant species in the Soca watershed.

Rainbow trout and greyling, which do not breed with the marble trout, also populate these rivers.

 Grayling - Thymallus thymallus
       In Slovenia, two types of Grayling can be found: the Adriatic fish (from the River Soca with its tributaries) and the Sava river type. It is interesting that although genetically they are more apart then marble and brown trout, they are considered as one species (Thymallus thymallus). The observable difference is in colour: Sava graylings have black spots on the head, with an orange or reddish tail. The Soca grayling are more grey-yellow in colour, lacking any black spots behind the head. The Soca tail is distinctly dark, rather than the Sava fishs orangy-red colouration.

Fly fishing in Slovenia


Morning drive to Ljubljana
Fishing still on the same Soca (Adriatic watershed) with possible excursion to chalk stream Unec or Krka river (Black sea watershed) if desired and conditions are good.
Accommodation in a 4* hotel in Ljubljana
Dinner in Manna restaurant
Fishing licences: €60 on average per person per day


Breakfast at the hotel
Sightseeing of the city (optional guided tour of the city with its old centre and castle)
Lunch at Ljubljana castle

Transfer to Ljubljana airport


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital is a dynamic, central European city lying in a broad basin between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Its geographical position has governed its colourful past; it is situated on a natural passage, known as the “Ljubljana Gate,” leading from Central Europe towards the Mediterranean and the East.  From its very beginnings, Ljubljana’s culture and lifestyle have been attuned to contemporary trends in Europe, with its residents enjoying the influences from both Central Europe and the Mediterranean. Ljubljana is a vibrant city full of surprises, characterised by this unique fusion of contrasting but complementary influences. It has everything that other larger, contemporary European capitals can boast, but, at the same time, preserves the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of a small town. In Ljubljana, the old meets the new, a picturesque blend of Medieval, Baroque and Art Nouveau masterpieces. Set in this “Little Vienna” are the unique contributions of architect Joze Plecnik, whose striking structures combine elements of classic Greek and Roman architecture.

Tour major sites in the city centre and ride the funicular to the Ljubljana Grad (the grand castle overlooking the city). Walk Plecnik’s Triple Bridge, Columned Marketplace, a long the banks of the Ljubljanica, visit St. Nicholas Cathedral and Preseren Square.


We would suggest that you take 4-6 weight rods in 8-9 foot in length.  The guide will of course do his best to find as much dry fly action as possible, but mostly still nymphing is the most productive way of fishing. On all rivers single flies with barbless hooks must be used. It is best to use chest waders, since the rivers can be a bit dipper on some spots.

Fly life depends on current conditions, most flies are sizes from 16-18 hook. Colour varies from golden-olive to rusty brown. You do not need to worry about flies, since the guide always carries about 3000 with him and is sure you will be able to match the hatch.

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