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USA New York State - St Lawrence carp fishingTHE ST LAWRENCE CARP FISHING EXPERIENCE
Carp fishing with The St Lawrence Experience, New York State, USAHave you ever wanted to catch many carp in a day with an average weight of over 20lbs? The St Lawrence Experience is the type of crazy carp fishing that dreams are made of. Screaming takes of awesome proportions and rod wrenching, clutch spinning runs that seem to go on forever. Golden armour plated leviathans testing every sinew and sapping your energy as they use every trick in the book to avoid capture. Stay in a timber cabin located on the banks of the mighty St Lawrence river where you can fish for carp within walking distance. Travel light and arrive at your destination to find everything ready for your carp fishing trip. Have the freedom to come and go at your own pace. With The St. Lawrence Carp Fishing Experience at Joe Babbitt's camp, this is all possible with its concept of total freedom!
Any Carp Angler who does not catch a carp at the St Lawrence Experience will receive a FREE week back in the following year.
In other words, Joe Babbitt gives you a catch guarantee!
USA New York State Carp Fishing  ExperienceNEW YORK STATE CARP FISHING
Grab Your Waders: Record Breaking Carp Waiting 3, 5 or 7 Day Trips                      
USA New York State carp fishing experience with If you’re a passionate coarse angler, we invite you to sample one of the world’s greatest wild carp fisheries in the Seneca-Oswego river system located in upstate New York. True virgin fish here have never seen people and never been caught! Carp weighing more than 30 pounds have been hooked right outside the door of your hotel. You’ll be fishing with the only fully certified guide permitted full access to waters that hosted 34 fishing teams from 5 countries in a recent American Carp Society tournament. He will consult with you before the trip, to make sure it is planned exactly right, since you have the option to fish for as few as one or two days or as long as seven.
USA New York State sport fishing with Kings Angling HolidaysNEW YORK STATE SPORT FISHING
USA New York State sport fishingThe Oak Orchard River, Orleans County, Upstate New York is blessed with some of the best trout and salmon fishing to be found anywhere. Pacific salmon and brown trout begin moving into the river from Lake Ontario in mid-September. They are fresh, colorful, and large, thanks to a summer of feasting in the Great Lakes. Browns weigh between 4 and 12 pounds on average while salmon will reach 30 pounds.